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Dear Colleagues,

In the spring of 2016, the magic city of Shanghai will once again warmly welcome colleagues home and abroad in the field of ophthalmology and optometry with open arms. The 16th International Congress of Ophthalmology and Optometry China (COOC) will be held from 17 March to 20 March 2016 at the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing.

One of the most important characteristics in COOC is that it is closely related with clinical practice and serves for clinical practice. COOC provides an academic platform for colleagues to study, communicate, and share the new developments and new experiences learned from clinical practice and scientific researches in the field of    prevention, diagnosis, treatment, education, nursing and administration. COOC is a grand academic gathering including ophthalmology, optometry, and visual science. It also includes medicines, consumptive materials, devices and equipments. Over the entire course of COOC, diversified programs include expert lectures, keynote lectures, free paper session, video analysis, as well as the hot discussion on difficult cases. This is also the charm of COOC which enchanted increasingly more attendants. According to multi-channel feedback, many attendants gained new idea, new belief, new knowledge and new technical methods, and found themselves more confident and aspiring in their jobs and daily practice.

As the co-chairs of COOC, we warmly welcome our colleagues to continually attend each of the COOC. We would like to share with our colleagues some classic Chinese sayings written at the end of the Qing Dynasty by Master of Chinese culture, Mr. WANG Guowei.  “Throughout the ages all those who have been highly successful in great ventures and in the pursuit of learning must of necessity have experienced three kinds of ching-chieh. Last night the west wind shriveled the green-clad trees. Alone I climb the high tower. To gaze my fill along the road to the horizon (It expresses the first state, written by Yan Shu). My clothes grow daily more loose, yet care I not. For you am I thus wasting away in sorrow and pain (It expresses the second state, written by Liu Yong). I sought her in the crowd a hundred, a thousand times. Suddenly with a turn of the head [I saw her]. That one there where the lamplight was fading (It expresses the third state, written by Xin Qiji).

Such states are rather similar for our colleague in there clinical practice. When you get into predicament in clinical practice without the solutions, isn’t it similar to the state of “The west wind shriveled the green-clad trees. Alone I cannot find the road to the horizon.” When you gain the idea at the COOC and work hard back home, isn’t it similar to the state of “For you am I thus wasting away in sorrow and pain”. When you finally solve the problem and achieve desired outcome, it is the same feeling in the state of “Suddenly with a turn of the head, I saw her, that one there.” We cordially wish more and more attendants will experience these three kinds of ching-chieh, and become elites in the pursuit of the career for Chinese Ophthalmology and Optometry.




                                                   Presidents of the COOC   

                                                        Xinghuai Sun         Jia Qu






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