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Dear Colleagues and Friends,
The 15th International Congress of Ophthalmology and Optometry China (COOC2015) will be held from 26 March to 29 March 2015 at the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing, when the colorful flowers blooming in the spring garden of Ophthalmology will be once again presented to the world in the bright days of March.
Why are the flowers in the garden of COOC blooming so gloriously? Because COOC focuses on continuously improving clinical diagnosis, treatment services and research levels in ophthalmology, and it has two remarkable features: 1) it closely centers on introducing and promoting new clinical technology and therapies to plan and arrange academic events. This congress covers a complete range of disciplines relating to ophthalmology; it has a solid basis supported by the basic medical sciences; it allows a dynamic integration between China and the world; it is an exchange platform for transferring medical research findings with active interactions between exhibitions and conferences…more importantly, it creates academic visions for young people by building up a stage for them to develop academic thinking and sharpen academic skills. 2) It is a grand academic gathering which links Ophthalmology closely with Optometly. The focus of COOC has shifted from vision to visual quality, and its name has embodied this connotation. In the U.S. and Europe, although Optometry is considered as a branch of medical science, it is studied by academic institutions completely different from Ophthalmology. In China, COOC is a platform which closely combines Ophthalmology and Optometry and provides broad space for further development of ophthalmology in China.
Why are the flowers in the garden of COOC so charming? It is because of the participants who attend the event not only as a representative but also as a host. The enthusiastic discussions in the auditorium, the validations and assessments in the exhibition, and especially, the seminars on clinical difficult cases, are all valuable experiences according to the feedback of our previous attendees. As Lu Meipo, a great poet of the Song Dynasty, described in his poem The Plums and the Snow: “For spring, the plums and snow are not willing to stop contending, poets have to put down his pen to make a fair judgment; The snow excels somewhat in its pure white, but the plums beat it with a whiff of fragrance.” We are looking forward to the gathering of professionals and intellectuals in COOC where we can share our experiences and comments to achieve consensus. 
The continuous development and growth of COOC is perfectly in conformity with the current trend of Reform and Opening up, so that in China COOC has become an academic event in ophthalmological field with considerable influence, and it is the best echo and complementary to the Annual Congress of Chinese Ophthalmological Society. We warmly welcome you all to attend the 15th COOC in Shanghai!
Xinghuai Sun Jia Qu



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